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Our Eight C’s

Our logo is composed of eight interlocking C’s. These C’s represent the ways we strive to earn our clients’ trust.

  1. Clients

    We believe that the best interest of our clients is the only interest that matters, and that means putting our clients first – always.

  2. Commitment

    We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service, communication, and financial advice.

  3. Consistency

    Consistency and dependability means we follow through and do what we say we will do – every time.

  4. Customization

    Each relationship is unique, and our goal is to know our clients well so we can customize solutions for their specific situations.

  5. Communication

    We understand the importance of open, clear, and consistent communication. While our clients may not care to know the details behind every single financial decision we make, helping them understand our approach and our thought process is an important aspect of the relationship so they know we are always working in their best interest. 

  6. Character

    Character and integrity are fundamental qualities that show through in everything we do inside and outside the office.

  7. Common Sense

    We don’t believe that there are any tricks or magic solutions in financial planning. Rather, the best answers are often the simplest and should always pass the “common sense” test.

  8. Community

    Having served the Carolinas for 40 years, we are grounded in this area. As philanthropic corporate citizens, we are dedicated to improving our community through numerous charitable endeavors on an individual and company basis.

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