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August 19, 2021


Author: Kristopher W. Carroll, PhD, CFA®, CFP®

Maybe this is the wrong forum to share this, but it’s on my mind right now and I can hardly think of anything else. Last week I lost two of the most wonderful people that have graced my life: my grandfather Ted Carroll (“PawPaw”) and my grandmother Ruth Carroll (“MawMaw”). My dad’s parents were honest and hard-working people of faith and I will miss them dearly. Growing up I was blessed to be so close with my grandparents.

The traits I will remember most about them were their kindness and devotion to the people around them and most certainly their love for one another. They were together almost 71 years. The last time I saw my PawPaw he struggled to bend over to give MawMaw a kiss, but he did it. My MawMaw never forgot a birthday and had a calendar to send cards out to just about everyone she knew.

My grandparents retired early compared to most. Once my PawPaw hit 30 years as a fireman, he took his retirement. They bought a small house in Maggie Valley and went back and forth regularly until driving became too difficult. My PawPaw was also a businessman. He owned and ran Ted’s Fire Extinguishers in Rock Hill and my dad claims to have learned most of what he knows about business from the front seat of PawPaw’s white Chevy pickup.

Retirement for them meant relaxing, caring for their friends and being active in their church. They were blessed and loved by so many people.  I think they stand out as an ideal model for what retirement should be. I say that because they knew what was important to them and they spent time doing those things together.

The message that I want to convey today is that fulfilment in retirement is more about the things that make you happy than anything else that I can help you achieve financially.

My MawMaw was also one heck of a baker. I will be passing along one of her recipes in an upcoming newsletter, but wanted to share a picture of my grandparents in the meantime. I am so blessed to have had them in my life and my hope is that you can find the kind of joy that they embodied.  

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