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Losing a spouse is one of life’s most emotionally difficult events. Nothing will ever be the same again. But life goes on – as do your financial needs and responsibilities.

Our advisors have extensive experience in working with families during this most difficult of transitions. Our goal during times like this is threefold: to help you adjust successfully to the challenge of being on your own, to accurately inform you about where you stand financially, and to assist you in establishing a solid foundation for the future.

One of the most valuable services we provide is to help you get organized and prioritize the financial decisions you face – deciding which ones must be addressed immediately, and which can and should be handled at a later time. Equally important, we can help you avoid the kinds of costly mistakes that families so often make during times of stress.

We will guide you through the probate process and help you manage the many details requiring your attention. Next, we will assess your near-term needs and recommend a plan for meeting them. We will then evaluate your overall financial position and take a step-by-step approach to helping you develop a sound, sensible long-term financial strategy. Whether it is sorting through complex estate issues or managing your investment program, our goal is to help protect and build your assets so you can move forward with your life.



Our transition planning services help answer important questions to ease the process.

  • What are the biggest financial oversights people make when attempting to navigate this stressful time?
  • In terms of finances, what should be prioritized following the death of a spouse?
  • In what amount of time should one see their financial advisor following the death of a spouse?
  • What happens to our social security after my spouse passes away?
  • How am I going to pay bills when the household depends on both social security checks for income?
  • How can I make the transition process easier for my spouse if I pass away first?

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