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March 28, 2019

Spring Cleaning: What To Keep, What To Shred, and How To Do It Right

It’s finally starting to feel like spring has sprung in Charlotte. The weather is getting warmer, the pollen is getting thicker, and some of us are getting the itch to fire up the pressure washer and tidy up. But, as noble as our annual spring cleaning efforts may be, there is an area of our lives that we tend to let pile up until it’s overwhelming: our finances.

People avoid periodically purging their collection of financial documents because they don’t know what to keep, nor how to get rid of what they don’t need while still protecting their identity. Have you ever wondered if you need to keep those quarterly statements you get in the mail, or how long to hold on to medical records? What about business agreements and closing paperwork?

In this video, Kris Carroll helps you tackle even the most overwhelming paper piles. He gives a detailed list of what you need to keep, how long you should keep it, and the best way to dispose of what you don’t need.


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