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Ben Ganson

  • CFP®

Financial Consultant

Mr. Ganson is a Financial Consultant with Carroll Financial Associates and a Registered Representative with Cetera Advisor Networks. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wittenberg University in Business Management and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

Ben joined Mike Jette’s team in 2015 after serving many years as a pastor in the local church. Together they enjoy helping their clients focus not only on their return on investment (ROI), but also their return on life (ROL). They believe that Return on Life is the best scorecard to use when managing money because “our lives are not about making money, our money is about making a life.”

Ben and Mike strive to help their clients manage their money well by giving them the tools to save more, grow more, and give more. Some of the key services they provide for clients are:

  • Financial Planning- helping clients create a long term, comprehensive financial plan surrounding the four uses of money- live (lifestyle spending), give (money they give to causes they love), owe (debt and taxes), and grow (savings and investments).
  • Impact Investing- helping clients set goals, save consistently, and invest wisely in companies that that align with their values.
  • Decision Making- helping clients make wise choices by coaching them through big life decisions.

Their business is built on doing what is best for their clients. They strive to keep honesty, transparency, and availability as core values in all of their business practices. Ben lives in Rock Hill and enjoys spending lots of time with his wife, Janelle, and children Micah, Caleb, and Abby. Together his family has a passion for serving in their church and their community.

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